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The Digital Native Imperative – A CIO Perspective

This is a podcast episode titled, The Digital Native Imperative – A CIO Perspective. The summary for this episode is: <p>Many priorities in technology were shifted due to the pandemic, and automation is one of those that have become an accelerated category. This week, Naveen Zutshi joins Jason Felger and Saurabh Sharma to discuss just that. Naveen is the CIO at Palo Alto Networks with experience in software development, IT infrastructure, and a leader in technology organizations. Naveen shares what his current role as CIO looks like, as well as how that role as a whole has evolved. Tune in and hear Naveen discuss what technologies can help drive value, and the digital native imperative of companies transitioning to cloud first.</p><p><br></p>
The Hybrid of Connection in the Workplace, and Working Remotely
00:53 MIN
Software Engineer: App Development vs. Infrastructure Teams
01:10 MIN
In the World of Automation
00:51 MIN
Building Trust and Comfortability to Help Drive Adoption
01:06 MIN
Expectations for Entrepreneurs and Founders Who are Thinking About Selling Into the CIO
00:36 MIN